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The access to the fully detailed data base is password protected for reasons of privacy of the people involved.

You have here a link to a file with the complete list of names in this data base, to find if your person is included in this site.

full list.pdf

and use the built in search motor.

There are .pdf files available to open or download, containing viewable, searchable and printable charts, where the personal data is restricted to birth and death dates.

Descendant trees of the indicated families:

Fiadeiro. pdf

Barradas pdf

Burnett pdf

Desirat pdf

Gouveia pdf

Monteiro pdf

Grainha pdf

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All is written in portuguese because it is very hard to maintain all this stuff translated, as I usually update it twice a year, in July and in December.

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Future seccions will include personal facts, my father's page (Prof.Dr. Joaquim Fiadeiro), etc.

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